THE CONTEST: what, how, when & why

WHAT: Women Who Write Wednesdays is a contest conducted by Women Scribes. The contest is designed to help aspiring women screenwriters with their burgeoning careers. Winners receive thoughtful, constructive feedback on their WRITING SAMPLES from working female professionals in the industry. 

WHEN: Our twitter account @womenscribes will post a Trivia Question at 12pm EST/9am PST the first and last Wednesday of every month. The first two people to tweet the correct response are our winners. 

WHO: Winners must be female (cis or trans) age 15 and above. Winners have 24 hours to email in 1 SCRIPT (either TV or feature). We will pair the winning scripts with Readers from our Women Scribes community. The Reader will be matched to the script because of her experience in that specific medium and genre. The reader will give prompt notes to the winner on her script. The winner then has 48 hours to respond with up to three follow-up questions. The questions can be related to the Reader's notes, or not -- this can be your opportunity to ask for career advice, inspiration, whatever you want to ask a female entertainment biz professional*. (*not related to love advice or a loan.)

WHY: Because we want to support women screenwriters.  A career in this business can seem so far away, so impossible, because even the basics -- advice! great notes! -- are inaccessible to the ordinary aspiring writer who isn't at a wildly expensive film school, or doesn't know any Hollywood insiders. And as a woman, you can look at this business and see the odds stacked against you because those who succeed are largely Caucasian and male. This contest is a way to bridge the gap between the aspiring women and the women who've made it inside the castle doors and have help to offer and stories to tell.