SO YOU GOT A MEETING… That’s good.

Now calm down, you have work to do.

At any stage in your career, but particularly in the beginning, it’s vital to prepare for meetings.

Be familiar with the work of whomever you’re meeting with — read, watch,etc.

Be enthusiastic. If this is a meeting for Tiny Disney Witches Ride Ponies, find what you like about those witches and let the hardworking people who are taking time out from their day to meet with you know about it. Ask whomever set up this meeting for you whether you’ll be expected to pitch ideas. If so, come up with some good ideas, obviously.

Be on time. (They’ll make you wait but you still must be on time.)

Be grateful (show your gratitude by being prepared.)

Be confident (know yourself: what your favorite movies are, what your career goals are - they may ask.)

Don’t be obnoxious (don’t insult films/shows/people because that makes u look like a smug jerk AND you never know if the person you’re meeting with worked on/with what you just insulted.)  

Follow up. If they want to hear more about your sci-fi idea, give them more. If they mentioned they're looking for vehicles for Beyonce and you find a great musical that should be modernized for Beyonce, send them a link and mention you're working on expanding the idea. If you leave the meeting with no specific agenda, email them to say thank you. Be polite and grateful and professional. 

And here’s the final thing: keep your sane perspective. You are going to have so many meetings in your long career. You’ll be amazed to find that a meeting you had at the beginning pays off a decade later with a job. This means that you should be both your best self, knowing these meetings are important, and you should be realistic and know that a meeting doesn’t mean a paycheck. This is a long road. But take the time to be proud of each little step you take.