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We write.  We direct.  We produce. We have been doing these things professionally for almost fifteen years.  We have known each other almost as long; we met at Dawson’s Creek and, in an elevator ride to the parking structure, we started asking each other for advice.  Because we were young, we were green.  But also because we were women and we needed a fellow traveler on what would continue to be a bumpy road. 

We have had as many failures as we’ve had successes and we’ve learned difficult lessons along the way.  We’ve had the good fortune of building a support network of strong, intelligent women and we want to share years of experience and hard earned wisdom with you.  We are here to encourage you, to guide you, to tell you the sometimes uncomfortable truth, to tell you the hilarious stories that will get you through the next round of rejection, to tell you about the light at the end of the tunnel.  We are here for you, period. We want to read your scripts and give you feedback.  We want to advise you on how to approach getting that first job (spoiler alert: it doesn’t happen overnight). We are not always right; everyone’s road is different. But we will always be honest and guide you to the best of our abilities.

If you’re trying to start your career as a writer in this town and you’re not a white male and you didn’t go to Harvard, yes, it may be trickier than you thought.  Let’s take the first step together towards changing that.

Anna Fricke & Liz Garcia


the network of women scribes

We are dozens of working, accomplished women in the entertainment business. We are writers, directors, producers & executives. We make television, we make film. We write plays. We raise children. We are women of color. We are caucasian. We are queer & straight. We come from privilege and none. 

We are here to lend our honesty and insight to your hard-work and dreams. Women Scribes write, shape and believe in women's stories.