We’re gonna remind you of this frequently on these pages, because many of you aspiring women screenwriters are in your twenties and are recent graduates of Liberal Arts or Film Schools. This is a background that breeds feelings of entitlement. We were you, so we’re comfortable telling you what problems you may run into. 

College is a privilege but you don’t realize it yet. You have realized that you are talented. You have something to say. These truths burn in you and make you feel angry and impatient. That’s okay. That fire is good. But to get to where you need to go you need to really realize that there is a ladder to be climbed. You can’t skip rungs. You can’t kick people on your way up. You are not entitled to skip steps just because you are talented, just because you want it. 

This business is ferociously competitive and it is not for the faint of heart.  If you are lazy, if you are sensitive, if you are spoiled, you will fail. HOWEVER, if you are hard-working, if you are thick-skinned, if you are grateful, you will succeed. 

You will want to complain, and you will want to feel outraged. This will make people shut doors in your face. This will shut down your work ethic and cripple your confident. Instead: Be gracious to everyone. Be grateful for the opportunity to do the shit work, because it’s the only way to glory. Don’t whine. Don’t complain. Don’t exploit kind people. Keep your eye on the prize. Absorb art and be inspired by other artists. 

You will want it to happen now. HERE’S A REALITY CHECK: You won’t be at all successful in one year. Or three years. You may be a working writer in five years. Maybe. You may feel successful in ten years. You will still have many many goals, and you will still have many rungs left to climb on the ladder. 

Fall in love with hard work and humility now. Start by thanking your parents for raising you and sending you to college. Go. Now. Go on. GO.